The Colour Blue

Growing up whenever asked what my favourite colour was I always used to say blue. I rarely if every get asked that question anymore but it is probably safe to say if I was pushed then my answer would still be the same.

Blue is in fact the most popular colour in the world and many positive things are associated with it. The sky, the sea, the mountains, water! It is our association with things that can lead to a colour being a favourite or least favourite colour. For me the colour blue has always meant a lot. I associate a certain shade of blue with many important people in my life as well as places.

The inspiration for this post came about one drizzly winters day in Bath, UK when I sat down at my desk to work on my website. I was feeling slightly low, sluggish and unmotivated. Dawdling, I randomly made a search in google about art and colour and up popped a beautiful painting by the artist Ellen Levine Dodd. Instantly and quite dramatically my mood changed and I was reminded of the uplifting and inspiring power of art. She has many beautiful paintings in blue. Here is a link to her portfolio

Another artist who uses blue in many of his paintings in a very beautiful way is Mark Leach who was a pastel artist. Here is a link to his website

I love to use blue in my work, I struggle more with reds in watercolours as the nature of these paints means the red can often come out looking pink. Blues can become more green or more purple. The possibility of shades and combinations feels endless. I am always aspiring to moving towards using a wider variety of colours for my paintings but somehow I always and probably always will frequently come back to the colour blue!. 




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