Four of my Favourite Watercolour Books

Here here a video I made reviewing four of my favourite watecolour books. Here they are in order:

1) Water Paper Paint: Exploring Creativity with Watercolor and Mixed Media by Heather Jones.

2) Tate Watercolor Manual: Lessons from the Great Masters by Tony Smibert and Joyce H. Townsend.

3) The Magic of Watercolour Flower by Paul Riley.

4) Paul Klee: Life and Work by Boris Friedewald.

These books are all quite varied. But all, in my opinion! extremely inspiring. Did you know that just looking at beautiful art can release dopamine into the brain. How amazing is that!. So even if you do not manage to actually paint anything, as often happens to me.. looking at art books can be good for your health and wellbeing :). 

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